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Talent acquisition expertise on demand

Is your company struggling to acquire quality talent when and where you need it? Is recruitment costing too much? Are roles open for long periods of time? Is quality of hire an issue? Do you have visibility of what is really happening? A skilled workforce is crucial to business success but talent acquisition continues to be a key pain point for many business executives and HR professionals.  However, many organisations simply don’t have the bandwidth or skills to diagnose the issues and seek the right solutions.

Hudson RPO’s talent acquisition experts help companies understand what is working and what is not working. Most importantly, we recommend practical strategies to address your challenges and improve your recruitment outcomes.  We can help you prepare your business case and support you through the implementation of the new model to ensure the changes you make have a lasting positive impact. With decades of combined talent acquisition experience, our consultants offer agile, innovative solutions that work best for your business—whether you need targeted or enterprise-wide improvements.

With RPO consulting, your company gains a supportive partner who helps you connect hiring data with decision making.

An RPO consultant will mine your recruitment metrics for actionable gold. Has your turnover rate increased? Is your employer brand reaching internal and external talent? Is your workforce engaged? Are you experiencing candidate drop-off at a specific point in the hiring funnel?

Following the analysis phase, your recruitment consulting partner recommends targeted strategies to correct issues and seize opportunities.

A recruitment consultant is a professional business partner who specialises in improving talent acquisition and talent management processes.

The consultant reviews your hiring metrics, recruitment technology ecosystem, interview process, candidate communications, onboarding, and employee development. Next, they recommend talent acquisition strategies that fit with your company culture and recruitment budget.

Hudson RPO’s consulting services include:

  • Review and recommendations to enhance:
  • Recruitment model – for permanent, temporary and/or internal hiring
  • Recruitment technology
  • Employer brand
  • Hiring manager coaching and interview training
  • Internal mobility and redeployment
  • Permanent and contingent recruitment forecasting
  • New hire onboarding experience
  • Pre-employment testing and behavioral assessments
  • Referral program development
  • Sourcing and talent pool programs
  • Candidate engagement programs

The benefits of recruitment process consulting

  • Improves quality of hire
  • Reduces time to hire
  • Lowers recruiting costs
  • Enhances employer branding and awareness
  • Streamlines the candidate and hiring manager experience
  • Improves employee loyalty and retention

Accessible and agile talent acquisition expertise

Our talent acquisition consulting service is designed for companies striving to identify optimal talent acquisition solutions, whether for permanent hiring, temporary hiring or internal selection. Our consultants are experts in their field and country and share industry expertise and knowledge that can transform your talent acquisition function.

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