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Project Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Outsourcing Recruitment Has Many Advantages

If you need to recruit 30 sales people in three months or 3000 people over the year, Project RPO solutions are designed for quick implementation and ease of delivery.

Your solution is designed to work quickly and effectively, thanks to the collaborative input of our teams working across implementation, project governance, operations and systems.

Timely and cost-effective, the average recruitment outsourcing project may be implemented in as little as a few weeks and typically lasts between three to twelve months.

RPO projects can help reduce urgent hiring backlogs. Plus, they can help you fill future vacancies by enhancing your talent database. Project recruitment is the sprinter of recruitment – lightning-fast and usually short-term.

Examples of when project recruitment is the most valuable solution:

  • Chronic hiring backlogs that only seem to grow.
  • Expansions into new sales territories or markets
  • New organisational initiatives
  • New product launches
  • Gaps in your hiring process (e.g., sourcing or interview scheduling)

Flexible recruiting solutions manage pressing talent acquisition tasks so that companies can focus on long-range goals and employee engagement. A flexible recruitment partnership gives you the backup you need during critical growth phases and unexpected hiring demands.

Flexible recruitment also helps with hiring backlogs, hard-to-fill roles, and hiring process problems – which take a toll on talent quality, current employee morale, and business outcomes.

Project RPO can make your life easier by providing customised solutions to meet your project needs.

It can also:

  • allow you to scale up your recruitment team faster to meet business requirements
  • improve access to active, passive and hidden candidates
  • reduce overall time to hire
  • improve measurement of specific objectives
  • reduce cost
  • avoid redundancy costs

Project RPO specialty for government

More than 2,200 roles within 8 months for an educational organisation. Over 250 roles in 6 months for a major transportation projects. Learn about Hudson RPO’s specialty in Project RPO for government entities.


Test drive RPO by starting with a project

Talent acquisition professionals often need to balance immediate, critical hiring needs alongside the evaluation of longer-term recruitment requirements. An RPO project lets you do just that. It provides key benchmarks for your future recruitment strategy.

Plus, an RPO project can also be used to explore whether a longer-term outsourced recruitment solution works for you. Think of it as a test drive, with enough fuel in the car to get some urgent errands completed.

RPO in Real Life

education training red


A leading tertiary education provider undergoing a significant workforce change partnered with the Project & Government Solutions team to successfully deliver a volume recruitment project. The objective was to fill over 2200 roles within 8 months. By the end of this period we had coordinated 779 days of interview panels and filled 98.7% of the roles.

transportation red


One of the world’s leading railway operators selected Hudson RPO’s Project & Government Solutions team to support them in recruiting 250 new roles in 6 months for one of Sydney’s major transportation projects. Our solution included the implementation of a customised applicant tracking and reporting system and the development of a sourcing strategy focused on recruiting a diverse workforce.

energy electricty red


An Australian-based energy provider needed to establish a new contact centre in a regional location. With the design of a multi-channel sourcing strategy and utilisation of an enhanced employer value proposition (EVP), Hudson RPO filled over 200 positions within a four-month period. The project was delivered ahead of schedule with a 100% candidate satisfaction rating.

it developer red


A global leader in the technology industry selected Hudson RPO to assist in planning, developing and delivering a solution for their new entry into retail stores across China.  We delivered a complete solution including designing job descriptions, candidate sourcing and screening, offers and onboarding and a branding designed to educate and interest experienced hires and campus recruiting.   The program surpassed clients expectations in time and costs resulting in all locations opening ahead of schedule.

media advertising red


A large multinational media firm needed immediate help rebuilding its talent teams after a large exodus of existing staff due to a negative news story.  We provided a strong team of recruiters and research staff, based on the client's site, filling over 350 replacement staff inside budget and time requirements.   Our responsiveness and ability to find, screen and provide quality replacements resulted in the client retaining their most significant clients.

pharma medication red


Hudson RPO contracted with the China division of a large pharmaceutical company with a unique need.  We helped to rebuild the sales division across China and were able to deliver a communication and branding piece, delivered by a large team of industry knowledgeable resources and delivered to very strong KPI's required by the client which meant they were able to meet revenue targets.

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