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Consumer / FMCG

Evolving with our clients

The consumer goods industry is complex and competitive. Hudson RPO recruiters understand the unique requirements needed to succeed in the industry.

For four years, Hudson RPO has been the recruitment partner to one of the world's largest consumer brands with our Australian recruitment teams hiring digital, services, sales and marketing, IT and corporate roles.

Why Hudson RPO for consumer/FMCG recruitment solutions

  • SPEED & FLEXIBILITY: Struggling to find in-demand talent? About to embark on a large project? We can pivot and leverage our sourcing and recruitment networks to begin filling your roles within days, and we can flex down when your hiring project is complete.
  • CUSTOMISATION: If you require an ongoing solution, we won't shoehorn you into a recruitment model just because it worked for another client. We develop a solution that fits your culture, values, changing talent needs, and organisational structures.
  • CARE: You'll be important to us and will have direct access to our regional CEO and executive team.
  • PARTNERSHIP: Hudson RPO is a partner first and foremost, and we're willing to invest in the partnership to grow with your needs.

RPO end-to-end recruitment solution for luxury auto brand

Hudson RPO partnered with a luxury automotive brand to hire candidates to implement a luxury retail experience to their automotive dealerships. To drive this change, the luxury car maker needed to refine its recruitment process to the new competencies required for these customer-facing roles. We designed and delivered an integrated program with solutions for candidate attraction, selection and recruitment, and assessment and development, which dealerships could opt into for their recruiting needs.

Hudson RPO voted Canon Oceania's "Supplier of the Year"

In 2014, Canon partnered with Hudson RPO to solve persistent hiring issues across roles and levels within their Australia operations. Challenges for their in-house recruitment included low hiring manager engagement, slow time-to-fill, low talent retention, lack of accountability, and difficulty managing hiring volume fluctuations.

Over the years, we've provided additional services such as employee value proposition (EVP) development, recruitment social media strategy, proactive talent pooling and communication, contract workforce recruitment, pay rolling, workforce planning; sourcing maps, Hiring Manager training, psychometric testing, and a recruitment project for a restructure project in New Zealand.

Our end-to-end recruitment solution for Canon continues to this day. Our onsite team consistently exceeds key performance indicators, and the Canon team has honoured us with the "Supplier of the Year" title.


RPO in Real Life

end to end red

End-to-end RPO

Managing global consumer brand with an award-winning onsite recruitment team, delivering across sales, management, technical and corporate roles.  Supporting projects across employer branding and strategic sourcing.

employer branding red

Employer Branding

A global consumer brand wanted to update its employer brand strategy, EVP, content strategy including social media messaging, video, photography and career site.

rpo projects red

RPO Projects

An Australian-based energy provider needed to establish a new contact centre in a regional location. With the design of a multi-channel sourcing strategy and utilisation of an enhanced employer value proposition (EVP), Hudson RPO filled over 200 positions within a four-month period. The project was delivered ahead of schedule with a 100% candidate satisfaction rating.

consulting prof services red

Consulting Services

Additional services provided to consumer and FMCG clients include graduate recruitment, diversity and inclusion, competitive market data, and candidate and hiring manager satisfaction surveys for process improvement.

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