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Immediate, expert talent for your new account wins

Recruitment for media organisations isn’t like recruiting for other industries. Your media and advertising business changes dramatically with a signature on a contract. Win a large account, and suddenly you need 50 of the best people across a range of technical and creative skill sets to deliver on the promises to your new client. Million-dollar accounts may be on the line, and polished results are a must.

Having the right talent in place quickly is how you meet your clients’ high expectations. You need a recruitment partner who not only understands niche media talent, such as what separates a top pay-per-click expert from the rest, but also keeps up with industry changes and can quickly mobilise to meet your business requirements.

Why Hudson RPO for media recruitment solutions

  • INDUSTRY EXPERTISE: Hudson RPO’s expert media recruiters bring deep collective experience and enthusiasm for the industry. They are part of the media community and keep apprised of media and advertising industry changes in major markets.
  • SPEED & FLEXIBILITY: Win a new client, and you need talent NOW. We can pivot and leverage our sourcing and recruitment networks to begin filling your roles within days, and we can flex down when your hiring project is complete.
  • CUSTOMISATION: If you require an ongoing solution, we won’t shoehorn you into a recruitment model just because it worked for another client. We develop a solution that fits your culture, values, changing talent needs, and organisational structures.
  • CARE: You’ll be important to us and will have direct access to our regional CEO and executive team.
  • PARTNERSHIP: Hudson RPO is a partner first and foremost, and we’re willing to invest in the partnership to grow with your needs.

RPO in Real Life

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One of Australia’s largest media companies, employing more than 8,000 staff nationwide relies on Hudson RPO to deliver control roles across the business from junior through to senior positions.

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RPO Project

A large multinational media firm needed immediate help rebuilding its talent teams after a large exodus of existing staff due to a negative news story.  Hudson RPO provided a strong team of recruiters and research staff, based on the client's site, filling over 350 replacement staff inside budget and time requirements.   Our responsiveness and ability to find, screen and provide quality replacements resulted in the client retaining their most significant clients.

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Consulting Services

Apart from recruiting, Hudson RPO provided employer branding, CRM consulting and implementation, and hiring manager training for a French-owned, global communications group.

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