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Talent sourcing

Sourcing: when others hide, we seek

Building and sustaining relationships with the market’s most talented people, even when they’re not looking to change roles: that’s the key to effective sourcing.

But it isn’t easy. There are time zones to consider, language differences to overcome and new cultural mindsets to learn and project.

Spotting and nurturing elite talent is 24/7 work. And if you go it alone, other business priorities are likely to suffer.

Many senior executives need sourcing support to ensure they can remain focused on other strategic business initiatives. They delight in knowing that extra sourcing power can be turned higher or lower, depending on current business needs.


Active talent pools

Have an ongoing hiring need for a specific role type or job family? Or looking to gain a competitive advantage in identifying and attracting top talent? Hudson RPO’s virtual sourcing network creates active talent pools of qualified candidates who, based on our predictive analytics, have indicated their interest in making a career change. Our talent pooling service consists of candidate identification, qualification, engagement, and ongoing communication. For one client, an active talent pool project for 150 candidates doubled their hiring success over a three month period.

Our sourcing solution includes:

  • Tailored sourcing strategies
  • Talent mapping
  • Talent sourcing and pipelining
  • Candidate longlisting
  • Industry-specific sourcing
  • Candidate communication, management, and tracking
  • Onsite or offsite sourcing team capabilities
  • Ability to support all key global languages

What will you get from strategic sourcing?

  • Access to niche or passive talent
  • Successful talent pooling solutions
  • Detailed source of hire reporting including channel ROI
  • Streamlined hiring and increased direct hires
  • Higher volume of skilled, at-the-ready talent
  • Increased hiring speed
  • Access to niche talent
  • Lowered agency costs

RPO in Real Life

pharma medication red


One of our pharmaceutical clients in Australia engaged Hudson RPO 11 times in 2017 to market map executive level roles. Maps were delivered along with recommendations and market intelligence. Market maps are an effective way to confidentially understand what the market looks like especially for senior, business critical or hard to fill positions.

banking finance red

Financial Services

Large financial services client wanted to create a campaign to increase the speed of hiring Credit Analysts which were being hired at a rate of 1 every 2 months. Focus groups were run with the team and a sourcing strategy was developed to focus on increasing referrals, LinkedIn and headhunt placements resulting in speed of hiring increasing to 3.5 hires per month.

transportation red


One of the world's leading railway operators required a bespoke sourcing strategy to find and hire role types never seen in Australia before and to introduce a new culture to the transport industry of putting customers first. The sourcing strategy focussed on acquiring talent from other industries and role types that were aligned with this vision. The strategy focussed on 2 things; 1.acquiring talent from the hotels/hospitality industry and roles such as call centre customer service. 2. building a separate strategy increase gender, indigenous and disability workers. The project was completed on time and aligned with the initial vision.

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